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Let's work together to show care for our fellow commuters

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Being a Caring Commuter means able to feel for others and don't judge! We can create a more caring commuting culture by starting from home.
Ann, 41
To be more tolerant, patient and not be judgmental.
Linda Chan, 65
The most vital thing to create a more caring commuting culture which I think would be to wear a SMILE while commuting. 
Herald Nithesh, 27
A Caring Commuter is someone whom care and keep a lookout for fellow commuters, always ready to lend a helping hand to those whom need assistance. Bringing the kampung spirit into our daily commute! 
Tony Halim, 43
Awareness, communication, recognition.
TK Choo, 36
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Learn how to help commuters in need during your daily commute!

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Our Caring Commuters

The Caring Commuter Award recognises commuters who have demonstrated acts of care to others in need during their daily commute on public transport.


Our Commuter Stories

Be inspired by local commuters who have found conversation, extended care and forged friendships on their shared journeys across the city.

Lydiawati-and-Muaz (Portrait)

Taking the Public Transport with Lydiawati and Muaz

Learn about Muaz’s experience on public transport as a commuter with autism and how the “May I Have A Seat” lanyard and card have made his commutes smoother.

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Start 2023 by Giving Care

Is ‘Giving Care’ one of your new year's resolutions? Find out the many ways you can Give Care to fellow commuters in Singapore.

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Dec Article Cover photo

4 Ways to Give Back During the Season of Giving

Find out how you can Give Time, Give Care, Give a Hand and Give Thanks this holiday season.

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Champions in Action: Learning Day at the SG Mobility Gallery with Students from Pathlight School

Our Caring Commuter Champions introduced Singapore’s land transport system to students from Pathlight School.

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Nov Article Thumbnail

How You Can Give a Hand to Wheelchair Users While Commuting

Learn how you can assist wheelchair users like Whee Boon on your daily commute.

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Caring Commuter Week 2022 – What You Missed

Find out all about the exciting activities that took place during this year’s Caring Commuter Week

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RM Winners
Article 2 Cover

5 S’pore Heroes Share How They’ve Made A Difference In Other Commuters’ Lives

One of them helped stop a molester from escaping.

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2 S'poreans Help Save Man Who Collapsed On MRT, Receive Award For Heroic Deed

Heroes don’t just fly or teleport — they take public transport too.

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Article 1 Cover
CCW Square

Corie and Friends: A Design Collaboration with NTU School of Art, Design and Media

Meet Corie and friends, characters representing various commuters whom we may come across during our daily commute on public transport.

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Photo Story: Journey of Cheryl and May

See from the perspective of a person with autism, Cheryl, and her caregiver, May, on travelling on the public transport.

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Cheryl & May 5 (3)
Esther & Sean 1

Photo Story: Journey of Esther and Sean

From the point of view of Esther, caregiver of a person with autism, Sean, on travelling on public transport.

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CARE Ride @ South West 2022

Intergenerational bonding among commuters while learning how to cultivate a caring commuting culture together.

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CARE Ride 1

Champions in Action: NDP Preview with Beneficiaries from Heartware Network

15 Caring Commuter Champions shared about the various features on our public transport during a NDP Preview Learning Journey.

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Love in Action: Spreading of Caring Norms by Champions from St Patrick's School

More than 250 students from St Patrick’s School became ambassadors to encourage Caring Commuting Culture on public transport

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St Pat_Cover
20220612-PTC-Yishun 3

Caregiver Shares 3 Ways to Show Care to Persons with Autism on Public Transport

Showing care for a person with autism on public transport can be simple — treat them as you would like to be treated.

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Richard Magnus Award for the Outstanding Caring Commuter

The Outstanding Caring Commuter Award has been renamed as Richard Magnus Award for the Outstanding Caring Commuter.

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Mr Richard Magnus

Equip Yourself to Be a Caring Commuter

Find out more about the initiatives that can aid you in your caring journey!

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Nominate a Caring Commuter Today

Let’s shine the spotlight on the caring commuters amongst us. Celebrate our everyday heroes on public transport.

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Caring Commuter Award
Article Cover

Champions in Action: Our Educational Outing with Seniors to Springleaf

Our learning journey was held on 2 April, in collaboration with Heartware Network.

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3 Nuggets About Guide Dog Teams For Commuters Who Want To Help

Seen a guide dog on public transport? A handler shares more about guide dog team and how to help.

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Meet Ryzqy, A Commuter with Cerebral Palsy

Some conditions might not be readily apparent, but we can learn to be more aware and understanding of commuters in need.

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Meet Ms Ariane Quimno Bermoy, Ms Pillai Anju and Ms Tayag Lourdes Arlos, A Trio of Nurses, and Caring Commuter Award 2021 Outstanding Winners

Ms Anju, Ms Lourdes and Ms Bermoy had knocked off from work and were at NE17 Punggol Station, when they saw an elderly man who was bleeding and lying on the floor.

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Meet the Designers Of The “May I Have A Seat Please?” Lanyard

We speak with five artists and/or their caregivers to find out their inspirations behind their artworks for the lanyard design competition.

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