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a visually-impaired commuter being assisted by a Caring Commuter Champion at the escalator of an MRT stationArina Anisha Koul, NUS student and Caring Commuter Champion, helping a visually impaired commuter to get around in an MRT station.
Photo: LTA



What is Caring Commuter Champion about?

Caring Commuter Champions are volunteers who would like to step up and show care to those in need during their daily commute on public transport.


What do I need to do as a Caring Commuter Champion?

Caring Commuter Champions are encouraged to show care to fellow commuters. It can be small gestures like keeping a lookout for commuters in need during your daily commute, giving up a seat and offering assistance when required. An act of kindness can go a long way in making someone’s journey more pleasant. The images below depict four ways to play your part:


illustration of 4 caring behaviour - Give Time, Give Care, Give a Hand and Give thanks.


What do I do after signing up as a Caring Commuter Champion?

After signing up as a Caring Commuter Champion, you will be invited to complete a 1-hour e-learning course to equip you with skills to assist special groups of commuters (e.g. commuters with visual impairment, commuters with physical disabilities). The training session is developed in partnership with SG Enable. You will learn about the various disabilities and conditions, mobility aids and assistive tools that are available, and how assistance can be rendered appropriately.


Once you have completed the training session, you will be certified as a Champion and be given a magnetic badge (please see below) that can be affixed to your bag or clothes. This badge will allow commuters in need of assistance to easily identify and approach you for help.



What activities can I be involved in as a Caring Commuter Champion?

Champions may choose to participate in activities that contribute to an inclusive and caring public transport system. Such activities include:

  • Engagement sessions with different commuters;
  • Dialogues with members of the Caring SG Commuters Committee; and
  • Ad hoc events by the Caring SG Commuters Committee.


We will provide all Caring Commuter Champions with regular updates on inclusive public transport initiatives and events. You can sign up for any activity listed under What's Happening.


Participation in the activities is not mandatory. You may sign up for any activities that interest you, or just participate by showing care for others during your commute on public transport.


a group of Caring Commuter ChampionsSenior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Baey Yam Keng (third from right) and students from Republic Polytechnic visited Outram Park MRT station and SG Enable- Enabling Village to experience first-hand how to help vulnerable commuters.
Photo: LTA


SPS Baey and a Caring Commuter Champion helping a commuter with disability on the MRTSPS Baey (middle) and Dion Ang (right) got a chance to put their knowledge into practice. They assessed the vulnerable commuter’s need for assistance and asked him about his situation, before helping by pushing the wheelchair onto the train.
Photo: LTA



Who can sign up as a Caring Commuter Champion?

Everyone. Those below 18 should seek parental consent before signing up as a Caring Commuter Champion.


Sounds Great! How can I sign up?

To join us as a Caring Commuter Champion, click the button below. You will be directed to a FormSG page. After signing up, our team will get in touch with you for the online training session. Or you can start your Caring Journey as a Caring Commuter Champion through our e-learning course today! Click here to find out more.

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