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Who We Are

A committee set up to transform Singapore's public transport system and commuter culture into one that is more caring, welcoming and inclusive.

Fostering a Caring Commuting Culture



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Commuting is an essential part of our day-to-day experience; it enables us to work, play and journey home at the end of each day.


From conversations with our commuters, we know that the culture of care among them is important. In 2017, the Caring SG Commuters movement was born.            


The Caring SG Commuters Committee comprises key industry players as well as the following ministries and agencies:


  • Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth
  • Ministry of Social and Family Development
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Land Transport Authority
  • National Transport Workers’ Union
  • Public Transport Council
  • SG Enable 
  • Go Ahead Singapore
  • SBS Transit
  • SMRT
  • Tower Transit Singapore



With the aim of fostering pleasant, inclusive and caring experiences on Singapore's public transport, Caring SG Commuters is an initiative meant for all. The hope is that together -- committee, community and commuters will strive to create a culture of care in the shared environment of our public transport.

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