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Let's work together to show care for our fellow commuters

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Being a Caring Commuter means able to feel for others and don't judge! We can create a more caring commuting culture by starting from home.
Ann, 41
To be more tolerant, patient and not be judgmental.
Linda Chan, 65
The most vital thing to create a more caring commuting culture which I think would be to wear a SMILE while commuting. 
Herald Nithesh, 27
A Caring Commuter is someone whom care and keep a lookout for fellow commuters, always ready to lend a helping hand to those whom need assistance. Bringing the kampung spirit into our daily commute! 
Tony Halim, 43
Awareness, communication, recognition.
TK Choo, 36
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Learn how to help commuters in need during your daily commute!

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