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Children Learn About Showing Care On Public Transport In “Caring Hero Training Camp”

Feb 1, 2021, 13:50 PM

01 Feb 2021

Title : Children Learn About Showing Care On Public Transport In “Caring Hero Training Camp”
Abstract : The “Caring Hero Training Camp” workshop is designed for students aged 7 to 10 to learn how to show care to vulnerable commuters when travelling on public transport.


Do you know a child who always wanted to show care to someone they met on the train, but don’t know how to do so?


The “Caring Hero Training Camp” workshop conducted by the Land Transport Authority in collaboration with Singapore Mobility Gallery on 22 Dec 2020 addressed that very question for a group of 14 students aged 7 to 10.  


Through interactive activities and discussions, the workshop highlighted the different commuters that one may meet on his/her public transport journey and the challenges they face on the public transport journeys.


The workshop also addressed misconceptions that one may have, for example regarding visually impaired commuters. Students were taught practical ways to approach and help visually impaired commuters. In addition, students learnt how to show care for commuters with personal mobility aids, the elderly and young families.



The key take away message from the pilot workshop was to:

  1. Use your eyes to look out for commuters in need.
  2. Use your mouth and ask if help is needed.
  3. Use your hands and help proactively.


Through this workshop, these students were encouraged to do their part in creating a caring commuter culture in Singapore.


Chloe, a primary 3 student who participated in the workshop said, “This workshop was very interesting, as I didn’t know the needs of different commuters. I am glad to have fun and to learn how to show care for others during our train rides”.



Missed out on this workshop? Stay updated with future opportunities to join us at caringcommuters.gov.sg/whats-happening