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Hands-on As A Caring Commuter Champion

Apr 23, 2021, 11:45 AM

23 Apr 2021

Title : Hands-on As A Caring Commuter Champion
Abstract : Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Baey Yam Keng (third from right) and students from Republic Polytechnic learned first-hand how to help fellow commuters.


Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Baey Yam Keng (third from right) and students from Republic Polytechnic visited Outram Park MRT station and the Enabling Village to learn first-hand how to help fellow commuters. 
Photo: Ministry of Transport


Have you seen commuters facing difficulties on public transport and wondered how to help? You are not alone! Many others, like Dion Ang, a third-year student from Republic Polytechnic, felt the same way. 

“I always found it very difficult to know when and how to extend help to vulnerable commuters. Usually in school, they only teach you to give up your seat, so it was the only way I knew how,” he explained.
It was only after attending the Caring Commuter Champion training course that Dion has become far more confident about how he can assist.




SPS Baey and Dion Ang (right) got a chance to put their knowledge into practice. They assessed the vulnerable commuter’s situation, and then helped to push the wheelchair onto the train. 

Photo Credit: Ministry of Transport


The two-hour online course, held in March this year, was organised by Caring SG Commuters Committee in partnership with SG Enable. 



It aimed to educate volunteers about the possible challenges faced by commuters like the elderly, families with young children, or people with mobility needs. Volunteers were encouraged to step in to help by following the 3As framework of assess, ask, then assist.


To help volunteers put this knowledge into practice, a pilot practical training session was organised on 13 April.


SPS Baey accompanied seven Republic Polytechnic students from the Diploma in Customer Experience and Management for a hands-on session at Outram Park MRT station and the Enabling Village.


At Outram Park MRT station, students learnt about the Heart Zone, a designated area for commuters who need assistance can meet fellow commuters volunteering to help. They also found out more Heart Wheels, an initiative that provides wheelchairs for elderly commuters and others with mobility challenges.



Assistant Station manager, Siti Zuhaila, explained how volunteers can ensure the wheelchairs at the Heart Zone are kept within Outram Park MRT station and are returned after use.

Photo Credit: Ministry of Transport


Assistant Station Manager at Outram Park MRT station, Siti Zulaiha, observed that there are many elderly persons who have trouble locating the nearby hospital, and one other way to help  is to point them in the right direction.


Students were encouraged to look out for commuters in need and offer assistance based on their training. They were also given “May I have a Seat Please?” stickers and an accompanying flyer to offer to vulnerable commuters they met on the ride from Outram Park MRT station to Redhill MRT station.

The event concluded at the Enabling Village, where students learnt about braille signs, tactile floor indicators and audio induction loops – tools that assist persons with disabilities. 


SG Enable representative, Ivan Chin, shared the history of SG Enable and explained how Singapore’s first inclusive village was built in 2015 based on the principles of universal design.

Photo Credit: Ministry of Transport


“We can overcome infrastructure gaps if we stand in to help. That’s the importance of Caring Commuter Champions,” SPS Baey said.

Echoing his sentiments, Dion added his fellow classmates from Republic Polytechnic feel strongly about the need to promote and educate people about a caring commuter culture.

Now that his team has completed this course, he said: “We are all ready to serve."





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