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Simple Acts, Big Impact: Building a Culture of Caring Commuting

Feb 27, 2024, 19:54 PM

27 Feb 2024

Title : Simple Acts, Big Impact: Building a Culture of Caring Commuting
Abstract : Simple Acts, Big Impact: Building a Culture of Caring Commuting


Everyone can be a Caring Commuter

Not sure how to start? Here are some examples of how we can adopt one of the 4 Caring Norms (Give Time, Give Care, Give a Hand, and Give Thanks) on our next commute! 

Give Time 
Tan Whee Boon, a wheelchair user, suggested moving at a pace that is comfortable for the wheelchair user when helping to push them to their destination. He explained that this will help prevent any accidents. Learn more about his experience commuting as a wheelchair user here.

A caring commuter alerts another commuter who has accidentally left her belonging behind.


Give Care 
Do not hesitate to approach someone who looks unwell or lost. Phoebe Lim, one of the winners of the Caring Commuter Award 2022, noticed that an elderly man appeared weak at Sengkang Interchange. After offering him coffee and bread, she ensured he got home safely. Read about Phoebe’s story here.

Give Time to offer directions to fellow commuters to help them get to their destination.


Give a Hand 
Mr Ram put what he learned from the Caring Commuters Champion course to practice when he gave a hand to help an injured commuter. You can read about Ram’s Caring Commuter experience here. 
Give Thanks 
Being a caring commuter is not just about helping others! Should you have received the help of others, give thanks to show your appreciation! 

Let’s Continue to Build a Caring Commuting Culture!
We hope these stories have inspired you as much as they have inspired us. You can be a Caring Commuter too! Kenneth Tan, a person living with intellectual disability, and Mr Anjang Rosli, a person living with dementia, were both motivated by the caring acts of others and took the Caring Commuter Champion e-learning course to become Caring Commuter Champions to help others! Click here to watch Anjang’s story and click here to watch Kenneth’s story.

Together, we can foster a more pleasant and joyful commuting journey for everyone! 

1 “Public transport ridership hit 93.5% of pre-pandemic levels in 2023”, Straits Times, 7 Feb 2024.