A Look Back on Our Incredible Journey: 5 Years of Caring Commuter Award

May 16, 2023, 15:42 PM

16 May 2023

Title : A Look Back on Our Incredible Journey: 5 Years of Caring Commuter Award
Abstract : Discover how the Caring Commuter Award has evolved over the years and the milestones we have achieved together.

It has been five years since the launch of the Caring Commuter Award in 2019. As our quest continues for commuters who have shown care to others in need during their public transport journeys, let’s look back at how commuters have been working with us to share stories about their acts of care.


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The Beginnings


The Caring Commuter Award was launched to recognise caring commuters, increase awareness and encourage commuters to practise and promote caring behaviour during their daily commute on public transport. The first Caring Commuter Award saw a total of 37 nominations and five winners.


It was heartening to receive many nominations, and the winning acts of care ranged from assisting a primary student who was lost and in tears after having been separated from his helper, to Giving Time and Care to a pregnant commuter who was feeling unwell.


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Description: Ms Janet Ang, Minister S Iswaran and Mr Baey Yam Keng presented Caring Commuter Award
Source: Public Transport Council


Caring Commuter Award 2022


The Caring SG Commuters Committee continued to receive a consistent number of nominations each year.  


Last year saw 65 nominations. This was truly encouraging as this meant that more are showing appreciation by Giving Thanks to the caring commuters around us.


The award presentation ceremony, held in conjunction with the Public Transport Workers Appreciation Day for the first time last year, saw eight winners. Winning stories include heartening act of looking after an elderly man who was hungry, helping a commuter who was attempting suicide and more.


Looking Ahead


To inspire more acts of care, winners past and present have been working with us to share their experiences through media interviews, online articles, and social media posts. Last year, the collaboration even extended to their schools and organisations, which collaborated with us to spread the message of care to their networks.


An example was Swiss Cottage Secondary School, which worked with the Caring SG Commuters Committee, to organise a fieldtrip to Singapore Rail Discovery Centre and a Caring Commuter Workshop for their students.


The Caring SG Commuters Committee and Republic Polytechnic also co-organised a WhatsApp Sticker Design Contest and a 'Why Should I Care' dialogue session where students were able to share their inspiration through design and learn about challenges faced by fellow commuters.


With caring commuters constantly inspiring and supporting our movement, we continue to encourage commuters who have received help on public transport to share their heartwarming stories. Let’s work together to care for one another on our commute, acknowledge and Give Thanks to the caring commuters among us



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