CARE Ride @ South West: How An "Auntie, Do You Need Help" Goes A Long Way

Dec 7, 2018, 14:44 PM

07 Dec 2018

Title : CARE Ride @ South West: How An "Auntie, Do You Need Help" Goes A Long Way
Abstract : A bus ride across generations to foster a caring commuting experience.
Care Ride at South West


How An "Auntie, Do You Need Help" Goes A Long Way


What is CARE Ride @ South West? 

Some 44 students from ITE College West and Pioneer Junior College, and 20 elderly from South West CDC’s Adopt @South West took a journey through CARE Ride @ South West at Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange on 7 December 2018.
The CARE Ride @ South West – which stands for “Caring commuters Assist Readily with Empathy” – is part of a wider movement to make our public transport system inclusive for all users.

Connecting young and old

The initiative provides a platform for the two groups of commuters to bond, create shared experiences together, and empower elderly commuters to travel more confidently on public transport.


Care Ride @ South West Bus


"Auntie, Do You Need Help?" 

The initiative aims to provide opportunities for younger commuters to better understand the travel needs of seniors so they can be more mindful and proactive when encountering elderly commuters in future.

Prior to the event, PTC has gathered feedback from commuters themselves who have requested that there could be more opportunities for commuters of different generations to interact with one another. 

Thus, CARE Ride @ South West is a way for elderly commuters share with the younger commuters on where they would like to be offered help while on a bus journey, and how it would go a long way for them if they were offered such assistance.
The students have highlighted that it was a breathtaking experience to pay more attention to the elderly than they normally would.

"I honestly feel that this event is a very enlightening experience," said a student involved in the event.

"The younger generation doesn't have a lot of opportunities to talk to the elderly, so this initiative gives us the opportunity to interact with the elderly and learn more about them."