Champions in Action: NDP Preview with Beneficiaries from Heartware Network

Aug 8, 2022, 10:38 AM

08 Aug 2022

Title : Champions in Action: NDP Preview with Beneficiaries from Heartware Network
Abstract : 15 Caring Commuter Champions shared about the various features on our public transport during a NDP Preview Learning Journey.

The clear and sunny skies reflected the jovial moods of 100 seniors and persons with disabilities of Heartware Network who set out to watch the National Day Parade (NDP) preview on 23 July.


This learning journey, a collaboration between the Caring SG Commuters Committee and Heartware Network, was the third and largest yet. Youth volunteers from Heartware Network and Caring Commuter Champions set off from 7 locations around the island, accompanying the seniors from AWWA, Methodist Welfare Services & REACH centres to The Float @ Marina Bay via public transport.


As these participants seldom take public transport on their own, the learning journey helped build their confidence in taking public transport independently. They learnt about the various inclusive features along the journey and how to navigate around the network.


NDP Article 1
85-year-old Doris, along with 2 friends, who were photographed with the "May I Have a Seat Please" sticker and lanyard on the journey.

Source: Land Transport Authority


Caring Commuter Champions introduced the May I Have a Seat Please sticker and lanyard, which helps commuters identify other commuters with invisible conditions who need seats on public transport.


NDP Article 2
  NDP Article 3

Our Caring Commuter Champions in action, showing participants various important elements along the journey

Source: Land Transport Authority


Participants were also introduced to the locality maps, which helps to easily identify the exit to take to their destination, as well as the Top-Up Kiosks.


NDP Article 4
  NDP Article 5

Snapshots from the National Day Parade Preview

Source: Land Transport Authority


Upon reaching Promenade station, all groups promptly made their way to The Float. The beneficiaries and volunteers alike could not contain their excitement as they soaked up the festive atmosphere.


One of our Champions, Lisa, remarked, "Some of them (the seniors) told me that they had not been to NDP before, and it was really good that they were given the chance to enjoy this show. They were so happy! Seeing them enjoying so much, really brings good memories for me too."


Interested in more activities like this? Join us as a Caring Commuter Champion!


The Caring Commuter Champion is a Caring SG Commuters Committee programme which aims to encourage volunteers to come forward to help public transport commuters in need during their daily commute.


More learning journeys and activities are lined up for Champions – do stay tuned! You can be a part of these activities and make a difference to those in need.


Sign up to be a Caring Commuter Champion today!


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