Champions in Action: Our Educational Outing with Seniors to Springleaf

Apr 29, 2022, 09:30 AM

29 Apr 2022

Title : Champions in Action: Our Educational Outing with Seniors to Springleaf
Abstract : Our learning journey was held on 2 April, in collaboration with Heartware Network.

A little rain did not dampen the cheerful spirits of 25 seniors and volunteers from setting out on a learning journey to Springleaf on the morning of 2 April.

The second collaboration between the Caring SG Commuters Committee and the Heartware Network, a charitable youth volunteer group, this outing is organised to help seniors gain more confidence to travel independently via the public transport system. Five groups, each consisting of Heartware Network Youth Volunteers, Caring Commuter Champions, and senior beneficiaries of the Heartware Support Our Pioneers Programme, set off from Yishun.


Springleaf Article 1
Our Learning Journey route
Source: Land Transport Authority

Champions putting their knowledge into action


Champions, who had previously undergone the e-learning course, started the journey by introducing various inclusive features to the seniors. These include the “Green Man+, which allows elderly pedestrians and Persons with Disabilities (PWD) to extend green man time by tapping their senior citizen or PWD concession card on the reader mounted on the traffic lights.; and the “May I Have a Seat Please” lanyard and card, which enables commuters with different visible and invisible disabilities to signal to fellow commuters that they would like a seat on trains and buses.

Springleaf Article 2
Mdm Ng with the “May I Have a Seat Please” lanyard and card
Source: Land Transport Authority

The 4 Caring Norms were observed on the journey. Our Champions literally gave a hand to the seniors when they needed a break and someone to lean on. They also gave care by encouraging others to give up their seats to the seniors.

  Springleaf Article 3
Four Caring Norms
Source: Land Transport Authority

One of our Champions, Alex, had also given time by diligently explaining to the seniors how to read the Bus Service Information Panel to find the correct bus service to get to their destination.

The seniors also learnt how to navigate the public transport system, including the use of Locality Map to identify suitable exits, and Top Up Kiosks to top-up their concession cards. Initially unfamiliar, they picked up quickly, and even gave thanks to our Champion, Hui Ching, for her assistance.  

Springleaf Article 4
Mdm Ng and Mr Peter, guided by our Champion Hui Ching, learning along the journey
Source: Land Transport Authority


A fruitful outing with new friendships


Once the groups reached Springleaf Station, they decided to explore the vicinity. Some went to Springleaf Nature Park, while others opted to fill their stomachs with Springleaf’s signature food – Roti Prata and Ampang Yong Tau Foo. The seniors and volunteers also got to know each other better during their interactions!

Springleaf Article 5
Savouring Springleaf’s famous Roti Prata together
Source: Land Transport Authority

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Caring SG Commuters Committee’s Caring Commuter Champion is a programme which aims to encourage volunteers to step up to help public transport commuters in need during their daily commute.

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