Equip Yourself to Be a Caring Commuter

Jun 10, 2022, 10:33 AM

10 Jun 2022

Title : Equip Yourself to Be a Caring Commuter
Abstract : Find out more about the initiatives that can aid you in your caring journey!


Whether it’s offering someone a seat, or taking the time to help someone find their way to their next location, there are many ways you can show care for others on public transport.


Showing care does not require you to have special medical knowledge or training. You just need to know what and who to look out for, as well as how to help them. Here are some initiatives that can aid you in your caring journey:


#1 Heart Zones


Heart Zone at Yishun Bus Interchange

Source: Tower Transit Singapore


Next time you're commuting on public transport, look out for the Heart Zones, spaces where those who need assistance can go to for help. There are currently 11 Heart Zones across 10 public transport nodes and one hospital across the island.


Find out which Heart Zones you'll pass by during your commute, and take time to stop by the next time you are in the area to see if there are commuters who may need help.


#2 “May I Have a Seat Please” Initiative


“May I Have a Seat Please” Lanyard and Card

Source: Land Transport Authority


Look out for people on public transport with a “May I Have a Seat Please” sticker, or lanyard and card. These people have invisible medical conditions and can benefit from you showing care in simple ways like offering them a seat.


Alternatively, if you know someone with an invisible medical condition, share this and point them to the Passenger Service Centres at MRT stations, bus interchanges or TransitLink Ticket Offices to collect their sticker or lanyard and card.


#3 Caring Commuter Champion


Screenshot of the Caring Commuter Champion e-learning Course


The Caring Commuter Champion initiative aims to recruit volunteers who would step up to show care and assist commuters like the elderly, families with young children, people with mobility needs and more when they are in need, while travelling on public transport.


Sign up as a champion and complete the Caring Commuter Champion e-learning course to find out more how you can care for others on public transport. Champions have access to exclusive engagement sessions with different commuters as well as dialogues and ad-hoc events organised by the Caring SG Commuters committee so you can learn more about the commuters that need help and the boost your abilities to assist.


#4 Learn about the 4 Caring Norms



4 Caring Norms


Your care can make a difference! Check out the 4 Caring Norms video and be inspired by how you can be the “superhero” that changes another commuter’s day if you can give time, give care, give a hand and give thanks.


Caring for another commuter can come in many different forms and no kind gesture is too small or insignificant. So, let’s equip ourselves with these tools and share them with others. Together, we can do our part to create a caring commuting culture for all!



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