Jun Le Finds His Way Home with a Little Help

Jun 14, 2024, 15:48 PM

14 Jun 2024

Title : Jun Le Finds His Way Home with a Little Help
Abstract : Bob Lee recounted how a family of caring commuters helped his son Jun Le, a person with autism when he was lost during his commute.

Jun Le works on his latest calligraphy project

Source: Bob Lee


Meet Jun Le, an inquisitive youth with autism who loves exploring the world around him. He has many hobbies, including proficiency in Chinese calligraphy, creating his style called the JunLe font, and learning about the different models of buses and trains he takes weekly.


Like any parent, Jun Le’s father, Bob Lee is naturally worried about his son’s future and ability to care for himself. His concerns pushed him to encourage Jun Le to take public transport trips independently.


Jun Le patiently waits for the bus

Source: Public Transport Council


Bob would instruct Jun Le on what bus he should take and where he should alight. He would then take the bus a stop before Jun Le so that he can keep an eye out for his son without him realising. It was on one of these occasions when Jun Le did not board the bus he was supposed to and got lost.


As his parents were frantically searching for him, they were approached by a caring commuter, who shared that his wife had found Jun Le and was bringing him to a police post nearby to seek him to locate his parents.


The caring commuter then gave his wife a call to alert her that Jun Le’s parents were at the bus stop with him. She returned with Jun Le and the Lee family thanked her profusely. 


Father and son wait for their bus 

Source: Public Transport Council


Bob is very grateful to the caring commuters for the efforts to reunite them with their son. He encourages more commuters to be aware of the needs of commuters with autism and step forward to help them navigate public transport.


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