Meet Mdm Loo, A Retiree Who Shares How Acts Of Care By Other Commuters Help Her In Her Daily Journeys

Feb 8, 2021, 15:29 PM

08 Feb 2021

Title : Meet Mdm Loo, A Retiree Who Shares How Acts Of Care By Other Commuters Help Her In Her Daily Journeys
Abstract : Madam Loo has been using a mobility device to get around for several years. She shares her experience of receiving acts of care from others during her daily commute.

Mdm Loo by Lawrence Photography


Meet Mdm Loo


In 2014, Madam Loo Shao Mei was diagnosed with a tumour in her bones. Since then, the 70-year-old retired secondary school Chinese teacher hasn’t been able to walk without assistance.


For the last 6 years, she has been relying on various mobility aids such as a walking cane and a four-wheel walker to get around. When she travels out of the house, she prefers to use a three-wheeled electric scooter.


Mdm Loo awareness kindness


Growing A Culture Of Care


Mdm Loo feels that awareness of commuters with different needs is improving in Singapore. But she wishes that more would initiate help, especially when she is going up slopes, taking the lift at the train stations or confronting a bumpy terrain.


“On slopes, I may slide backwards, especially if it has been raining,” she elaborates.


“Mobility devices may also get stuck on uneven ground. In these situations, if someone is passing and can give me a push, of course that would be helpful.”


 Don’t be “Paiseh”


That being said, she recalls some heart-warming encounters. 


“Parents would always tell their kids to let me pass first or don’t block my way,” shares Mdm Loo. 


“Especially the young parents, they are taking the initiative to cultivate this awareness in their kids. I think this is quite caring toward the elderly.”


Mdm Loo sees this as a growing culture of care in the younger generation as compared to the past.


She adds: “I think this shows the increasing level of empathy Singaporeans have, the ability to put themselves in our shoes.”


To those who may still be hesitant to initiate help to commuters using mobility devices, Mdm Loo would like to encourage commuters to just be brave. 


“People may have the idea that they should do something, but they fear rejection, so they don’t do it. They fear awkwardness and embarrassment,” shares Mdm Loo. 


“Don’t be shy, you need to be brave. Break these psychological barriers, and just dare to ask. Even if someone says there is no need, they’ll still thank you for even offering.” 



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