My Journey To Becoming A Caring Commuter Champion

Jan 3, 2022, 10:00 AM

03 Jan 2022

Title : My Journey To Becoming A Caring Commuter Champion
Abstract : Find out the journey one commuter took to become a Caring Commuter Champion through the newly launched online course!



A few weeks ago, when I was at the MRT station, I saw someone in a wheelchair struggling to get through the fare gantry. I wondered how I could help, but as I hesitated, the person made it through and went on his way.


The experience got me thinking: How do I know when and how to help?


I decided to try the new Caring Commuter Champion e-learning course. If you want to do more to help other commuters, here’s what you need to know!


E-learning at your own time


The Caring Commuter Champion training course is for anyone who wants to help other commuters on public transport!


It is a free-of-charge e-learning that takes less than two hours to complete. You can learn all the modules in one go or take them in bite-size.


accessing Caring Commuter Champion elearning page via smartphone while on the bus


Do note that you only become a Caring Commuter Champion officially if you complete all the modules and score at least 80 per cent on the final quiz.


Learn more about different commuters who may need help


I was looking for information to assist people with visual impairment, as well as those who are hard-of-hearing or have physical disabilities. The course made me realise that there are also people with invisible medical conditions like autoimmune disease or mental health issue, who may need help.


I also learned more about autism, dementia and other intellectual disabilities—information that is useful even outside of the public transport context.


Gain tips to smoothen your interactions


Most importantly, the course helped me address my fear of saying say the wrong thing while trying to be helpful.


Besides providing information about the appropriate terminology to use, the course also reminded me that not knowing which term to use should not stop us from extending a helping hand!

screenshot of Caring Commuter Champion elearning slide


How to assess, ask and assist


There are also personal stories from people with different needs, and  instructional videos showing the actions to take, so you’ll gain the confidence to assess, ask and assist someone in need. Plus, you can always log in to the course anytime you need to refresh your memory.


So try the course here and start championing a caring commuting culture today!