Nominate a Caring Commuter Today

Jun 3, 2022, 13:46 PM

03 Jun 2022

Title : Nominate a Caring Commuter Today
Abstract : Let’s shine the spotlight on the caring commuters amongst us. Celebrate our everyday heroes on public transport.




Imagine standing in an MRT carriage on the way to work when you suddenly feel unwell. What are your first thoughts? Panic? Fear? Or hope for someone to show care and offer you a seat or assistance? Thankfully, many caring commuters have stepped up in such times of need.


The Caring Commuter Award was established in 2019 to give thanks and show appreciation for those who have shown care to fellow commuters. The Caring SG Commuters Committee hopes that the recognition will not only raise awareness, but also inspire more commuters to step forward and show care, and work together to create a more caring commuting culture in Singapore.


The call for nominations for this year’s Caring Commuter Award winners is currently ongoing! If you have witnessed or experienced an act of care during your commute, why not do your part and nominate them for the Caring Commuter Award?


Nominating a caring commuter is easy:


Step 1:  Look out for caring acts by fellow commuters


There are many situations where commuters can show care.


For example, a person with dementia may have lost their way, a wheelchair user may need help getting into or off the train carriage or the bus. Someone may be feeling unwell and need support from fellow commuters and/or medical attention—perhaps you may be the one who needs some help.


Step 2: Approach the caring commuter


After the situation has been resolved, approach the caring commuter to thank them. Share with them about the Caring Commuter Award (perhaps, you can show them more details about the award at!), and ask if you can nominate them. If they are agreeable, take down their name and contact details for the nomination.


Step 3: Send in the nomination


Finally, submit your nomination at! You will need to provide the names, contact numbers and email addresses of both yourself and the caring commuter, and share a description of the act of care you witnessed or received. You can also include a photograph of the caring commuter in action, or your selfie with the caring commuter.


Let’s all do our part to recognise the everyday heroes on public transport, continue the cycle of care and build a caring commuter culture together!



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