Roel Malcon's Path to Becoming a Caring Commuter Champion

Jul 14, 2023, 10:20 AM

14 Jul 2023

Title : Roel Malcon's Path to Becoming a Caring Commuter Champion
Abstract : Roel Malcon shares his story on using what he learnt from the Caring Commuter Champion e-learning Course to help a fellow commuter.

Roel (1)
Description: Roel at the MRT Station
Source: Public Transport Council


Everyone can play our part to show care and make a difference in someone else's commute. But sometimes, we may hold back because we do not know how to help.


Roel once feared making mistakes and hesitated to assist other commuters on public transport. This all changed when he discovered the Caring Commuter Champion e-learning course.


Roel's curiosity was piqued when he stumbled upon a digital poster on the e-learning course beside the lift at his void deck. He saw the opportunity to equip himself with skills and knowledge to assist others and decided to take the course.


Roel (2)
Description: Roel takes us through the Caring Commuter Champion e-learning course
Source: Public Transport Council


Learning how to Give Care with the Caring Commuter Champion E-learning Course


Through the e-learning course, Roel learnt how to provide care and assistance to commuters with different and/or specific needs. He also learnt about different disabilities that other commuters may have and the tools available to help to foster a more inclusive commuting journey. “The course was easy to understand as the explanations were simple and there were videos for demonstration”, he shared. As he gained more knowledge, Roel's confidence grew and he was less apprehensive about making mistakes while helping others.


Putting learnings from the Caring Commuter Champion E-learning Course to good use


The opportunity to put what he has learnt into practice came when Roel encountered a visually impaired commuter at Serangoon MRT station. He approached her without hesitation and asked if he could be of assistance. The commuter gladly accepted his help.


Roel guided the commuter to the bus stop, asked her which bus service she was taking, and waited for the bus with her. When the bus arrived, he helped to flag the bus, assisted her to board the bus and even guided her to the seat nearest to the driver. Roel also took the initiative to inform the bus driver on her destination and sought his assistance to alert her when the bus reaches her stop.


Reflecting on his experience, Roel expressed a sense of fulfilment from being able to assist a fellow commuter. The knowledge he gained from the e-learning course gave him the confidence to step forward and offer help. He said he would not hesitate if he sees other commuters in need. “It felt good to have the opportunity to assist a fellow commuter”, he said.


Roel also stressed that every individual can contribute to a more inclusive commuting culture by offering small acts of care. He encourages commuters to “keep a lookout for commuters in need during your daily commute and offer assistance when required.”


Reach out to us via the Community Wall to share other acts of care and check out this link to take the Caring Commuter Champions e-learning Course. Like Roel, we can all play a part in fostering a compassionate and inclusive commuting culture.