Singapore Kindness Movement The Pride: Caring Commuter Award 2023

Apr 14, 2023, 16:08 PM

14 Apr 2023

Title : Singapore Kindness Movement The Pride: Caring Commuter Award 2023
Abstract : A feature about Caring Commuter Award on Singapore Kindness Movement The Pride

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By Solomon Lim


Finding kindness on the roads


On public transport, there have been some recent things to smile about – and I’m not talking about train delays that give you an excuse to be late for work.


Like this post on Instagram that showed how commuters and MRT staff got together to help an immobile passenger on the last train at Lakeside.


Another commuter wrote to Mustsharenews about a bus captain who helped a visually impaired elderly couple alight after the bus stopped at Bukit Panjang Interchange. He not only parked closer to the kerb but also held their hands to help them off the bus.


We've all had long days and most of us would understand that often we just want to get home to rest; time on the bus or train is our chill time, where we zone out, not really paying attention to our surroundings.


These commuters and transport workers didn't have to do what they did. That's why going the extra mile makes their actions so commendable.


CCA 2023 FB Post Screenshot
CCA FB post screenshot 


If you see or know of any such caring commuters, you can do more than just give them a shoutout on social media.


The nominations of this year's Caring Commuter Award starts on Saturday (April 1).


Launched by the Public Transport Council and the Singapore Kindness Movement in 2019 as part of the Transport Gold Award, the Caring Commuter Award recognises public transport commuters who have demonstrated acts of care to others on their daily commute. It aims to inspire other commuters to step forward to help fellow commuters in need.


You can find out more at its online portal or on Facebook.