Taking the Public Transport with Lydiawati and Muaz

Feb 20, 2023, 12:47 PM

20 Feb 2023

Title : Taking the Public Transport with Lydiawati and Muaz
Abstract : Learn about Muaz’s experience on public transport as a commuter with autism and how the “May I Have A Seat” lanyard and card have made his commutes smoother.

Lydiawati and Muaz  (1)
Selfie of Lydiawati Mz and Muaz Mz
Lydiawati Mz


Meet 14 year-old Muaz Mz, and his mother, Lydiawati Mz. Muaz is on the autistic spectrum. On weekdays, Lydiawati sends Muaz to a Special Education (SPED) school via public transport. She has also been training him to take public transport to and from school with minimal supervision. So far, she has managed to move from sitting beside Muaz and guiding him on trains and buses to sitting opposite him or walking behind him when they are on public transport.


“Since he is playing the leading role now, walking in front of me, I noticed that he is pretty good with directions!”, Lydiawati shared. Eventually, she wishes for Muaz to be able to commute independently, and she hopes other commuters would Give a Hand to Muaz on his journey as well.


Helping commuters on the autism spectrum navigate public transport


Lydiawati and Muaz  (2)
Muaz taking the train
Lydiawati Mz


Lydiawati is thankful for other commuters who have shown care and understanding to Muaz during his commutes. She has met several commuters who paid extra attention to Muaz and Gave Care by offering him their seat and being patient when he needed help. Lydiawati shared that commuters who are autistic need personal space while commuting. If necessary, commuters can wave or tap lightly on their shoulders to get their attention. “Commuters should respect them and give them the space they need”, Lydiawati commented.


Lydiawati added that it would be great to offer caregivers and their child the two-seater seats. This is so that they have more personal space, which can help caregivers handle their child better.


Looking out for the May I Have a Seat Please Lanyard and Card


Lydiawati and Muaz  (3)
Muaz commuting with the May I Have a Seat Please Lanyard
Source: Lydiawati Mz


Lydiawati also ensures that Muaz wears the “May I Have a Seat Please” lanyard and card when he is taking public transport. She recalled a caring commuter who helped Muaz pick up his handphone when he dropped it on the floor, and patiently waited for him to put on his earpiece before returning the phone to him. “He must have understood Muaz’s condition when he saw the “May I Have a Seat Please” lanyard and card,” said Lydiawati. Such caring acts may be simple, yet they can go a long way to make another commuter’s journey a pleasant and joyful one.


Let’s Give Care and Give a Hand by keeping a look out for “May I Have a Seat Please” lanyard and card users, and giving up our seats to them. Learn more about how you can Give Care to other commuters with our Caring Commuter Champion e-Learning course now!



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