5 - 12 November 2022

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Join us for a week of learning and fun on your public transport commutes!

Check out how you can be a part of Singapore’s caring commuter culture through these activities:


• Caring Run · Walk · Cycle

• Caring Commuter Award

• Caring Carnival

• Social Media Contests

• Instagram Filter

• Satellite Events across the Island

• Learn what you can do to be a Caring Commuter

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Head down to our Caring Carnival from 5 to 7 Nov

Drop by Toa Payoh HDB Hub Atrium with your friends and family and take part in our activities! Get ready to redeem some exciting merchandises while:

Learning how to show care for commuters with different needs

• Expressing your appreciation to public transport workers and our fellow commuters

• Playing carnival games

When: 5 November 2022 12:30pm to 7 November 2022 9:00pm

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Caring Commuter Award 2022

The Caring Commuter Award recognises commuters who have demonstrated acts of care to others in need during their daily commute on public transport.

Find out who are this year's Caring Commuter Award winners at the Caring Carnival!

Caring Run

Create a Caring Heart with the Caring Run · Walk · Cycle

Demonstrate your love for helping others through GPS art! Clock a heart-shaped route on a fitness tracking app to join our Caring Run · Walk · Cycle. Sample routes can be found here, or you can map out your own “heart” around your favourite exercise spots.

Submit a screenshot of your completed heart-shaped route and stand a chance to receive limited edition prizes. Commemorate your workout with a selfie using our Instagram filter to get a more attractive prize. Don’t forget to tag us at @caringsgcommuters and use the hashtag #CaringCommuterWeek so that we can see your happy smiles and big hearts, and to give us permission to repost. All prizes are while stocks last.

When: 15 October to 12 November 2022

Terms and conditions apply.

Submit your Heart-Shaped Run · Walk · Cycle here

For further enquiries, please contact

Social Media Contests

Challenge Yourself in our Social Media Contests

Test your caring know-how with our quizzes! Look out for four challenges to be launched on the Caring SG Commuters’ Facebook and Instagram pages. Provide the correct answers in the comments section to stand a chance to win limited edition prizes.

When: Contests will be posted on 24, 26, 28, and 30 October 2022, and each contest will be open for 7 days from its posting date.

Terms and conditions apply.


Showcase your Best Self with an Instagram Filter

Brighten your social media feed with our new Caring SG Commuters Instagram Filter. Remember to hashtag #CaringSGCommuters as you share your selfies!

Explore our Public Transport Operators’ Satellite Events

Looking for some caring initiatives in your neighbourhood?

Read on to find out about our operators’ satellite events, located across Singapore’s public transport nodes.



In collaboration with Public Transport Council, commuters can look out for the CARE Bus which will be specially decked out with backseat stickers and wrapped with artwork by students from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) School! It will launch on 9 November on bus service 358 which plies a route in Pasir Ris and passes by CPAS.

These inclusive visualisations by our creative CPAS students extend to the bus stop display panels outside CPAS. You won’t miss them when you hop on 358 for a ride.

The CARE Bus Project, in collaboration with the Public Transport Council, aims to raise public awareness of the challenges that PWDs face during their public transport commute. Additionally, we seek to promote better understanding of these disabilities amongst other commuters and hope that PWDs will be empowered to commute more confidently with greater kindness.

As part of our goal towards fostering a caring commuting culture, we hope that this will enable others to render assistance safely and appropriately.


“Walk in My Shoes” Interactive Exhibition

Embark on an immersive experience with SBS Transit this November as we journey in the shoes of a person living with dementia!

In support of Caring Commuter Week, SBS Transit is organising an interactive exhibition – “Walk in My Shoes”, at Toa Payoh Bus Interchange from 7 to 13 November, to raise awareness on dementia and equip commuters with practical tips to help persons living with dementia.

Learn more about the invisible disability from persons living with dementia themselves and experience wayfinding in their shoes through a simulated sensory exercise! Find out the story behind SBS Transit’s “Find Your Way” initiative and how the nostalgic icons were selected to aid wayfinding!

An experience not to be missed as we have fun activities lined up for you, with giveaways and prizes to be won!

Join us at the exhibition to support a caring and inclusive commuting community!


WeCare with Roundel_small about your journey

The “WeCare About Your Journey” roadshow aims to familiarise commuters & seniors with commuting safety tips, a suite of Go-To SMRT and inclusive services that we provide at the stations and bus interchanges.

SMRT works closely with 9 social service agencies on inclusivity efforts and service delivery. In this year’s Caring Commuter Week satellite event, we will feature the collaboration with Rainbow Centre and the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) to create more awareness of Autism disabilities and Dementia.

You will be able to learn about:

• Go-To SMRT services and inclusive features available in our network

• Understand the different types of disabilities

• How to interact and help someone with special needs

• Safe travel tips when commuting

On top of the educational messages, there are also fun quizzes and token of mementos for commuters.

Join SMRT from 11-12 November 2022, 11am-4pm daily at Ang Mo Kio MRT Station. Take on this journey with us to co-create a more inclusive public transport environment for everyone.


Exhibition on Invisible Disabilities

Tower Transit Singapore, in support of Caring Commuter Week 2022, will be having an exhibition at Yishun Integrated Transport Hub from 8 to 11 November 2022. This one-of-a-kind exhibition focuses on invisible disabilities and provides information on how commuters can offer assistance to those in need. Plus, read stories of real people living with invisible disabilities, and their challenges onboard public transport.

Come and be a part of something special! You’ll never know how or when you’ll make an impact, or how important your help can be to someone else.

Learn what you can do to be a Caring Commuter

Practise these four simple caring norms in your daily commutes:

Give Time: Be patient and slow down around others in need.

Give Care: Look out for commuters who may need help.

Give a Hand: Readily offer help to commuters who may need it.

Give Thanks: Say thanks to commuters who have offered help.

Unsure of how you can assist commuters of specific profiles? Watch our videos to learn how to better assist commuters living with various disabilities, or read on for some tips developed in consultation with SG Enable, The Singapore Association For The Deaf, Dementia Singapore, and Rainbow Centre.

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Commuters with Developmental or Intellectual Disability

Some ways for you to offer assistance include:

• Allow time and space for the commuter to recompose themselves, before attempting to communicate with them.

• Seek first to understand their current situation and show empathy.

• Assess the situation and ask if the commuter requires any help before providing it. Do not take it personally if they decline your help.


Commuters who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

Some ways for you to offer assistance include:

• Wave your hands to get their attention if the commuter does not respond.

• Understand that commuters who are deaf or hard-of-hearing may not hear you, and are not ignoring you.

• Use visuals or text on your phone to communicate.

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Commuters Living with Dementia

Some ways for you to offer assistance include:

• If someone seems lost, proactively reach out to them in a gentle, friendly manner.

• Offer clear and simple instructions to help the commuter comprehend the information you wish to convey.

• If possible, accompany the commuter to his/her destination.


Join us as a Caring Commuter Champion!

Keen to learn more tips on how you can assist commuters with disabilities and other needs? Become a Caring Commuter Champion today!

Click here to find out what it means to become a Champion, or complete a short e-learning module to gain more useful knowledge for your commutes.

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Engage Young Ones with our Interactive Video

You are never too young to be a caring commuter! Young commuters can join Carl and his mother in this fun interactive video, to teach them how they can play a part in creating a caring commuting culture.