Champions in Action: Learning Day at the SG Mobility Gallery with Students from Pathlight School

Dec 8, 2022, 11:09 AM

08 Dec 2022

Title : Champions in Action: Learning Day at the SG Mobility Gallery with Students from Pathlight School
Abstract : Our Caring Commuter Champions introduced Singapore’s land transport system to students from Pathlight School.

The students from Pathlight School were excited as they alighted from the buses at SG Mobility Gallery. They were about to discover more about our land transport system. The SG Mobility Gallery housed within the Land Transport Authority (LTA) Headquarters provides a behind-the-scenes look at how LTA plans, designs and builds our public transport network.


Pathlight School (1)
  Pathlight School (2)

Our Champions, Teck Leong (Left) and Shahib (Right) guiding different groups of students around the gallery.

Source: Land Transport Authority


What made the visit even more special was our Caring Commuter Champions gave time to act as gallery “guides”, bringing students around the various exhibition zones and explaining the many features of our land transport system.


Pathlight School (3)
Our Caring Commuter Champions who attended a pre-briefing and orientation of the SG Mobility Gallery before the commencement of the Learning Journey.

Source: Land Transport Authority


This was the first time most of our champions stepped into the role of a gallery guide. In order to familiarise themselves with the layout and content of the various exhibitions, they attended an orientation of the gallery prior to the tour to ensure they were well equipped with the relevant information.


Pathlight School (4)
  Pathlight School (5)

Students at Pathlight School interacting with different multi-sensory exhibits within the gallery.

Source: Land Transport Authority


The students were thrilled to take part in the activities and games at the many zones, role playing as a transport planner or a public transport worker through augmented reality and virtual reality. They asked many questions about the land transport system and some even shared their in-depth knowledge about buses and trains!


Our Champions thought that the learning journey with the students was fruitful, and felt a big sense of fulfilment when they observed how the students had enjoyed themselves thoroughly.


Pathlight School (Cover)
Smiles captured on the faces of our Champions after the completion of the learning journey.

Source: Land Transport Authority


I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this learning journey and get to interact with the students. Looking forward to future volunteering events!” – Joycelyn Ong, Caring Commuter Champion.


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