Start 2023 by Giving Care

Jan 20, 2023, 16:53 PM

20 Jan 2023

Title : Start 2023 by Giving Care
Abstract : Is ‘Giving Care’ one of your new year's resolutions? Find out the many ways you can Give Care to fellow commuters in Singapore.

Many make new year’s resolutions to reflect on the previous year and set goals for the year ahead. Common new year’s resolutions include quitting a bad habit, exercising more, saving more money, or being more kind in the coming year. Is Giving Care one of your new year’s resolutions in 2023? If not, why not include it in your list?


Read on to learn how you can start Giving Care to commuters around you.


Give Time by learning how to help commuters in need


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Busy roads along Chinatown before the festive season
Public Transport Council


During this festive season, you might see more families taking public transport to go shopping for goods, and new clothes or to go visiting to celebrate Lunar New Year. Here are three groups of commuters that you may want to keep a special lookout for:


1. Elderly commuters


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A busy bus stop along New Bridge Road
Source: Public Transport Council


They may be carrying huge amount of food and other goodies they may have purchased in preparation for the Lunar New Year.  Other than giving way for them to board the trains or buses first, let's Give Care by offering your seat to them, Giving a Hand by pressing the bell on the bus for them or by helping them to carry the items to the nearest lift or cabin at the MRT station.


2. Parents carrying babies or commuting with their little ones


To help make their commute safer and more comfortable, you can give way to allow them to board the trains or buses first, make space for their pram in the trains or buses, and offer them your seat as a kind gesture.


3. Commuters wearing the "May I Have a Seat" lanyard on the MRT or bus


Commuters wearing the “May I Have a Seat” lanyard may have hidden conditions that are not obvious to us. When you see a commuter wearing this lanyard, you can show your care by offering them a seat or asking if they need any assistance.


Commuter wearing the ‘May I Have A Seat Please’ lanyard and card.
Source: Public Transport Council


The act of Giving Care can be a simple goal to hit in 2023 – all you have to do is start by being a caring commuter! Get inspired by heartwarming stories submitted by fellow caring commuters on our community wall today.


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Caring commuter offers her seat to another commuter.
Source: Public Transport Council 



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