20 Jan 2022

Meet Ryzqy, A Commuter with Cerebral Palsy

Some conditions might not be readily apparent, but we can learn to be more aware and understanding of commuters in need.
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03 Jan 2022

My Journey To Becoming A Caring Commuter Champion

Find out the journey one commuter took to become a Caring Commuter Champion through the newly launched online course!
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30 Dec 2021

Meet Chwee Kim (Jack) And Angeline, A Couple Who Frequently Travels By Public Transport

Look out for fellow commuters who may seem lost travelling on public transport.
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03 Dec 2021

Caring Commuter Week 2021: Give Time, Give Care, Give a Hand and Give Thanks on Your Commute

Happening from 27 Nov to 5 Dec 2021, the inaugural Caring Commuter Week 2021 is an activity-filled week to promote care and inclusivity on public transport.
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01 Dec 2021

Meet Ms Ariane Quimno Bermoy, Ms Pillai Anju and Ms Tayag Lourdes Arlos, A Trio of Nurses, and Caring Commuter Award 2021 Outstanding Winners

Ms Anju, Ms Lourdes and Ms Bermoy had knocked off from work and were at NE17 Punggol Station, when they saw an elderly man who was bleeding and lying on the floor.
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01 Dec 2021

Meet Mr Thirunavukkarasu Srinivasan, Healthcare Assistant and Caring Commuter Award 2021 Winner

On the morning of 10 August 2021, Mr Thirunavukkarasu (Mr Thiru) was on his way home when he assisted an elderly man whose wheelchair got stuck in the gap between the train and the platform.
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01 Dec 2021

Meet Mr Tay Jun Jie, Accountant and Caring Commuter Award 2021 Winner

On 2 June 2021, Mr Tay Jun Jie was on the train towards Joo Koon MRT station when he assisted an elderly man with dementia to get home safely.
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01 Dec 2021

Meet Mr Marcus Teo, Investment Manager and Caring Commuter Award 2021 Winner

On 25 March 2021, Mr Marcus Teo was on the train home when he assisted a male commuter who had fainted.
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30 Sep 2021

Meet Mr Keane Phua, A Young Caring Commuter Champion

A strong believer in the importance and benefit of community service, Keane shares his experiences as a young volunteer giving back to the community.
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portrait of Keane giving a thumbs up sign
20 Aug 2021

Meet Mike Goh, Retiree And Caring Commuter Champion

Mr Goh, who is passionate about giving back to the community, shares his experiences as a senior volunteer, and why he chooses to be a Caring Commuter Champion.
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30 Jul 2021

Meet Sherry, A Caring Commuter Champion With Invisible Needs, Who Seeks To Help Others

Sherry is a Caring Commuter Champion to play her part in creating a more pleasant commuting experience for all.
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Ram 35
30 Jun 2021

Caring Commuter Champion: Ram, 35, Shares Why We Should Spread Care

Ram attended the ‘Be That Special Someone Today’ webinar held in December 2020, and went on to become a Caring Commuter Champion, spreading kindness to fellow commuters.
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17 May 2021

Meet Diana Ng, A Commuter With Invisible Needs

"Just because I look young and normal, it does not mean I am not suffering from any side effects of medications or any existing condition flare-ups that I have no control of."
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30 Apr 2021

Meet the Designers Of The “May I Have A Seat Please?” Lanyard

We speak with five artists and/or their caregivers to find out their inspirations behind their artworks for the lanyard design competition.
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29 Apr 2021

S'porean wheelchair user, 39, couriers items islandwide for S$10 or less via public transport

Stories of Us: Mohamed Zahid Bin Mohd Yassin tells us about why he started his own courier service and how he keeps his service so affordable.
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28 Apr 2021

Experiencing a Truly Inclusive Public Bus Service

A small and simple step to making our public transport system more inclusive for all
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23 Apr 2021

Hands-on As A Caring Commuter Champion

Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Baey Yam Keng (third from right) and students from Republic Polytechnic learned first-hand how to help fellow commuters.
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05 Mar 2021

Knowing When to Lend a Helping Hand

Between November 2020 and January 2021, Go-Ahead Singapore ran a trial with a small but impactful yellow card for commuters with physical and/or invisible mobility needs.
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08 Feb 2021

Meet Mdm Loo, A Retiree Who Shares How Acts Of Care By Other Commuters Help Her In Her Daily Journeys

Madam Loo has been using a mobility device to get around for several years. She shares her experience of receiving acts of care from others during her daily commute.
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01 Feb 2021

Children Learn About Showing Care On Public Transport In “Caring Hero Training Camp”

The “Caring Hero Training Camp” workshop is designed for students aged 7 to 10 to learn how to show care to vulnerable commuters when travelling on public transport.
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27 Jan 2021

Meet Clement and Mu'tasim, A Financial Consultant and Undergraduate Pair, and Caring Commuter Award 2020 Outstanding Winners

On the morning of 15 September 2020, Mr Clement and Mr Mu'tasim were waiting at a bus stop when they noticed something was amiss, as the bus was stopped at the bus stop and did not move off.
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27 Jan 2021

Meet Dr Lee, Doctor and Caring Commuter Award 2020 Winner

Dr Lee Jing Kun was on his way to work on the morning of 1 August 2020, when he saw a commuter who had lost consciousness and was displaying signs of a seizure.
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27 Jan 2021

Meet Rafe'ah, Undergraduate and Caring Commuter Award 2020 Winner

On the morning of 20 December 2019, a woman in her late twenties approached Ms Rafe’ah and asked for directions to the nearest hospital.
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27 Jan 2021

Meet Ryan, Undergraduate and Caring Commuter Award 2020 Winner

On the evening of 14 October 2020, Mr Ch’ng was heading out of the NUS campus when he received notifications that train services along the Circle Line was disrupted.
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27 Jan 2021

Meet Uvarani, Full-Time Home Tutor and Caring Commuter Award 2020 Winner

On the morning of 19 June 2020, Ms Uvarani D/O Govindarajoo was heading towards Marymount MRT Station when she noticed a mother rushing towards the train with her pram at one-north MRT Station.
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22 Jan 2021

Caring Commuting Culture Through The Eyes Of Public Transport Workers

Bus captain Then Arasu and customer service officer Dorothy Tay share about caring acts that they have encountered, and the importance of a caring commuting culture.
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15 Jan 2021

Q&A from Be That Special Someone Today Webinar (Part 2): How do we know if someone needs help?

If your question was not answered during the final Q&A segment, fret not! Here is part 2 of 2 of the panelists' answers to your questions during the session.
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11 Jan 2021

Q&A from Be That Special Someone Today Webinar (Part 1): How can we foster a caring commuting culture?

If your question was not answered during the final Q&A segment, fret not! Here is part 1 of 2 of the panelists' answers to your questions during the session.
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17 Dec 2020

Heart To Heart: Understanding Vulnerable Commuters At 'Be That Special Someone Today' Webinar

On a journey to understand the public transport experiences of commuters with mobility needs.
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Screenshot (NUSSU CCSC Dialogue)
04 Nov 2020

Think youths only scroll social media on public transport? NUSSU students are also ready to care for fellow commuters

What do our youths think about showing care for commuters while on public transport? We ask them to find out.
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24 Sep 2020

Tower Transit’s first Inclusivity Officer is on a mission to foster a more caring commuting culture

Kishon Chong is changing perceptions on public transport as a wheelchair user and Tower Transit Singapore’s first Customer Experience and Inclusivity Officer
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14 Sep 2020

NUSSU Students and Caring SG Commuters Committee Put Up Appreciation Wall At Kent Ridge

Find out more about the new appreciation wall at Kent Ridge MRT Station!
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09 Sep 2020

A Wristband To Signal Your Willingness To Help

Read more about the Caring SG Commuters wristband!
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Wristband in Action
07 Apr 2020

"COVID-19 Taught Me Singaporeans Are Already Generous": Wally Tham, Co-Founder Of Stand Up For Our Singapore

Wally Tham, co-founder of Stand Up For Our Singapore as well as lead organiser for Valentine's Day distribution event, shares his thoughts on showing care during the COVID-19 outbreak.
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01 Apr 2020

"The Best Valentine's Day I've Had": Youth Corp Singapore Volunteer

To appreciate our frontliners, Youth Corps SG volunteers gave out care packs at Heart Zone @ Outram Park on Valentine's Day!
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Best Valentines
23 Feb 2020

Meet Lester Wong, Undergraduate and Caring Commuter Award 2019 Outstanding Winner

On the evening of 10 July 2019, Mr Lester Wong was taking the train home from work when an elderly commuter fell on the train.
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23 Jan 2020

Meet Constance Wong, Bank Executive and Caring Commuter Award 2019 Winner

Ms Constance Wong was on the train to work in the morning when a pregnant lady suddenly held her hand and told her that she was feeling unwell and needed help.
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Constance Wong
23 Dec 2019

Meet Noor Azman Rosdi, Technician and Caring Commuter Award 2019 Winner

Mr Noor Azman Rosdi was taking a bus to work at Changi Airport on 25 July 2019 when he spotted a young boy asleep on the same bus and appeared to be alone.
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07 Dec 2019

What Does It Mean To Be A Caring Commuter? Mr Melvin Yong Visits Heart Zone @ Jurong East To Find Out

"It is not just about getting to our destination on time, but also about looking out for others who may be in need while on our daily commute."
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HeartZone 1
23 Nov 2019

Meet Parvitar Singh, National Serviceman and Caring Commuter Award 2019 Winner

On the evening of 29 July 2019, Mr Parvitar Singh spotted a crowd and saw a lady sitting on the floor at the Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange.
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23 Oct 2019

Meet Za'im Akmal Bin Zaini, Secondary School Student and Caring Commuter Award 2019 Winner

On 22 July 2019, Mr Za'im Akmal Bin Zaini was waiting for a bus home from the bus stop near West Mall when he was approached by a primary school student, who was crying.
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Zaim Akmal Bin Zaini
Compulsory Seating
07 Oct 2019

Is The Priority Seat An Entitlement?

Last week, I took the MRT and it was quite packed. I am a senior citizen and I had hoped that someone would be kind enough to offer me a seat, as has happened before. But not this time.
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28 Aug 2019

CARE by Hillgrove: Students join the Caring SG Commuters movement with Tower Transit Singapore

Watch Hillgrove Secondary School students show they care at Bukit Batok MRT Station and bus interchange.
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Meet Jason Setok
30 May 2019

Meet Jason Setok, A Visually-Impaired Commuter

"You might be surprised to know that I do rock climbing!"
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03 Apr 2019

CARE by Chung Cheng: Students share why it's still important to offer assistance despite potential rejection

Some 1,200 students from Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) went around the Yishun estate to help elderly commuters at MRT stations and bus interchanges on 6 March.
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Students providing assistance
Meet MrTan
28 Feb 2019

Meet Mr Tan, A Wheelchair-Bound Commuter

Find out more about what it's like to commute on a wheelchair through Mr Tan's personal account.
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07 Dec 2018

CARE Ride @ South West: How An "Auntie, Do You Need Help" Goes A Long Way

A bus ride across generations to foster a caring commuting experience.
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Care Ride at South West